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Fantagraphics was founded in 1976 by Gary Groth and Mike Catron, who were joined shortly thereafter by Kim Thompson. Fantagraphics primarily focuses on publishing cutting-edge, nonsuperhero comic books such as Love & Rockets, Hate, Eightball, and The ACME Novelty Library (as well as several pornographics titles under its Eros Comix imprint). But in recent years Fantagraphics has also made a name for itself by publishing high-end archival comic strip collections of Schulz's Peanuts, Herriman's Krazy Kat, and Kelly's Pogo, among others.

Fantagraphics also publishes one of the few magazines of comic book criticism, The Comics Journal. Although it is infamous in the industry for its frequently vitriolic letters column, "Blood and Thunder," The Comics Journal also features long, in-depth interviews with both mainstream and fringe comic book creators that are modeled on the long-form interviews published in The Paris Review.

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