Daniel Clowes

(1961- )

Daniel Clowes is one of the primary comic book creators whose work in the late '80s and early '90s helped transform the so-called underground comics scene from a fringe subculture into an artistic arena of true literary merit. His first comic book series, Lloyd Llewellyn, was a satirical pastiche of film noir conventions and pulp fiction stereotypes. His follow-up series, Eightball, initially featured a combination of short, highly stylized gag strips and semiautobiographical rants, but eventually began to contain more dramatically mature serialized stories.

In 2001 Clowes received the "Best Adapted Screenplay" Oscar for the film Ghost World, which was based on his own eponymous series of stories originally published in Eightball. Clowes also wrote the screenplay for the film Art School Confidential (2006), also based on a short story that originally appeared in Eightball (and was later reprinted in Orgy Bound and Twentieth Century Eightball).

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Daniel Clowes

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