The Walking Dead, vol. 4

Writer(s): Robert Kirkman
Artist(s): Charlie Adlard
Publisher: Image Comics
ISBN: 978-1607060000
Price: $29.99
Page count: 304
Year Released: 2008
Status: in print
Original Source: The Walking Dead 37-48
Other Collected Edition(s): The Walking Dead, vol. 7: The Calm Before and The Walking Dead, vol. 8: Made to Suffer
Genres: horror; romance/relationships; suspense/thriller
Recommended for Fans Of: zombies!!!
Possibly Objectionable Material: graphic violence; gore; nudity; coarse language
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Also in This Series: preceded by The Walking Dead, vol. 3

Plot Summary
The prison gang seeks out Woodbury's National Guard station in an effort to stock up on supplies, and maybe even cut off Woodbury's access to supplies at the same time. But of course this sets up the probability of an attack on the prison by the citizens of Woodbury, so Rick and his comrades begin to prepare for an invasion.

My Own 2 Cents
This volume ends on the worst possible note, which is to say that it ends on the best possible note. Once again, Kirkman has outdone himself. I hardly know where he'll go from here. Except I suspect it will be "up."

I am reminded of a recurring theme in the Alien movies, which is that humans are frequently more harmful to each other than is the hostile force they're fighting against. Both this volume and the previous one drive that idea home in an extremely effective way, which makes for a great story. Stunning.