The Walking Dead, vol. 3

Writer(s): Robert Kirkman
Artist(s): Charlie Adlard
Publisher: Image Comics
ISBN: 978-1582408255
Price: $29.99
Page count: 304
Year Released: 2008
Status: in print
Original Source: The Walking Dead 25-36
Other Collected Edition(s): The Walking Dead, vol. 5: The Best Defense and The Walking Dead, vol. 6: The Sorrowful Life
Genres: horror; romance/relationships; suspense/thriller
Recommended for Fans Of: zombies!!!
Possibly Objectionable Material: violence; gore; rape; nudity; coarse language
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Also in This Series: preceded by The Walking Dead, vol. 2; followed by The Walking Dead, vol. 4

Plot Summary
Just as life in the prison has finally settled into a safe, somewhat relaxing routine, Rick spots a helicopter in the sky. When it crashes nearby, Rick, Glenn, and Michanne decide to mount a rescue mission in the hopes that there are survivors--who just might have news of the outside world.

But when they locate the downed helicopter's crash site, all they find are multiple footprints leading away, which in turn lead them to the nearby town of Woodbury. And, quite unexpectedly, Woodbury is inhabited not by zombies but by humans. In fact, it's a thriving mini-metropolis with hundreds of people living behind its makeshift walls. But something doesn't seem quite right and Rick is skeptical of Philip, the town's appointed governor....

My Own 2 Cents
Unbelievably, this series keeps getting better with each volume. At some point I'm going to wonder how Kirkman will be able to top himself. This volume does have some very disturbing moments, but this series has never been appropriate for the squeamish. Just beware that Kirkman takes things a lot further than he has in the previous two volumes.