Kitchen Sink Press

Kitchen Sink Press, one of the most influential publishers in the underground comic book movement, was founded by Denis Kitchen in 1969. In its time, Kitchen Sink published such luminaries as Will Eisner, Harvey Kurtzman, and Art Spiegelman, among others. Kitchen Sink Press also founded The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund in 1986 when a comic shop manager in Wilwaukee was charged with the possession and sale of obscene material (some of which was published by KSP).

Although the company ceased operations in 1999, Denis Kitchen continues to operate as an art agent and worked to bring Will Eisner's library to W. W. Norton. Kitchen Sink Press also paved the way for comic book publishers such as Fantagraphics by publishing reprints of old newspaper comic strips, including Li'l Abner, The Spirit, and Krazy Kat.

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