Dicks and Deedees

Writer(s): Jaime Hernandez
Artist(s): Jaime Hernandez
Publisher: Fantagraphics
ISBN: 978-1560975403
Price: $18.95
Page count: 96
Year Released: 2003
Status: in print
Original Source: Penny Century 5-7; Love and Rockets (vol. 2) 4-5
Other Collected Edition(s): n/a
Genres: humor; magic realism; romance/relationships; short stories; slice of life
Recommended for Fans Of:
Possibly Objectionable Material: coarse language; nudity; sexual situations
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Also in This Series: Preceded by Locas in Love; followed by Ghost of Hoppers

Plot Summary
This volume begins with Costigan's funeral, which Hopey attended alone (even though Maggie was supposed to go with her). Oddly enough it turns out no one Hopey knew was there--not even Penny. Meanwhile, Norma takes Negra on a "vacation" to keep her away from the circus surrounding Costigan's death, but Negra's stake in Costigan's inheritance complicates matters. Maggie finally meets Hopey's male pal, Guy Goforth, and it's extremely awkward (who would've guessed?). Maggie treats us to an extended dream sequence in which she ponders her divorce from Tony "Top Cat" Chase and her fraught relationships with Hopey, Izzy, and the rest of her Hoppers friends. Then Hopey tells the story of how Maggie met her future ex-husband. One particular highlight in this volume is the story of how Penny and Costigan first met, and how their relationship began. Finally, Ray runs into his old friend Doyle in L.A., and subsequently meets the "frogmouth" stripper Vivian, with whom he falls madly in love.

My Own 2 Cents
Another strong Love and Rockets collection. If you've read Jaime's "Locas" volumes this far, why would you stop now?