Incredible Hulk: World War Hulk - Incredible Herc

Writer(s): Greg Pak
Artist(s): Gary Frank
Publisher: Marvel Comics
ISBN: 978-0785129912
Price: $14.99
Page count: 152
Year Released: 2008
Status: in print
Original Source: Incredible Hulk (vol. 3) 106-111
Other Collected Edition(s): n/a
Genres: adventure; fantasy; science fiction; superheroes
Recommended for Fans Of:
Possible Objectionable Material: violence
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Also in This Series: preceded by Incredible Hulk: Prelude to Planet Hulk (ISBN: 978-0785119531) and Incredible Hulk: Planet Hulk; concurrent with Incredible Hulk: World War Hulk

Plot Summary
This book could best be described as a supplement to World War Hulk. It focuses on Amadeus Cho (first introduced in the short story at the end of Planet Hulk), the seventh smartest person on earth, who wants to help the Hulk get his revenge on Black Bolt, Iron Man, Dr. Strange, and Reed Richards. On the run from the government agency S.H.I.E.L.D., Cho uses his superior intellect to recruit Hercules, Angel, the She-Hulk, and Namora to his side. But does the Hulk want their help?

My Own 2 Cents
I actually enjoyed this book more than World War Hulk because it focused less on page after page of the Hulk throwing superheroes through buildings and more on Amadeus Cho (an interesting character) and his attempts to make the Hulk see reason. There is a lot more characterization in this book than in World War Hulk, but since it takes place in the background of the larger story told in WWH, I cannot recommend it unless you plan to read WWH too. And as I stated in my 2 cents on that book, it's hardly worth it. Thus, this book is hardly worth it either.