Paradise Too! vol. 1: Drunk Ducks!

Writer(s): Terry Moore
Artist(s): Terry Moore
Publisher: Abstract Studio
ISBN: 978-1892597182
Price: $15.95
Page count: 184
Year Released: 2002
Status: in print
Original Source: Paradise Too! 1-7
Other Collected Edition(s): n/a
Genres: all ages; fantasy; humor; newspaper strips; sketchbooks
Recommended for Fans Of:
Possible Objectionable Material: none, really, except for a few instances of some "good girl"-style sketches
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Plot Summary
Although Terry Moore has found fame and fortune as a comic book creator, he has always dreamed of drawing a syndicated newspaper strip. This, to him, would be a true sign of success. Over the years he's come up with all kinds of newspaper strip ideas, but none of them have been picked up by the syndicates. Paradise Too! is a collection of these failed strips, as well several one-panel gags and sketchbook-style material. Of particular note are a few failed strips, including "Wonderland" (featuring a cute, lonely polar bear who spends a lot of time floating around on an ice floe) and "Kixie" (in many different incarnations--which is about what it would be like to wake up one morning a find a real live fairy on your pillow).

My Own 2 Cents
I'm a sucker for sketchbooks and newspaper strips (even failed ones), so this book is endlessly fascinating for me. But it's just a collection of odds and ends, so there's no real cohesive story to speak of. But if you enjoy goofy humor and cutesy art, this might be for you. And Strangers in Paradise fans should enjoy the various prototypical versions of Katchoo and Francine that first appeared in Moore's early strip ideas.