Scott Pilgrim, vol. 2

Writer(s): Bryan Lee O’Malley
Artist(s): Bryan Lee O’Malley
Publisher: Oni Press
ISBN: 978-1932664126
Price: $11.95
Page count: 200
Year Released: 2005
Status: in print
Original Source: n/a
Other Collected Edition(s): n/a
Genres: adventure; humor; magic realism; romance/relationships; slice of life; teen/young adult
Recommended for Fans Of: video games
Possibly Objectionable Material: cartoony violence
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Also in This Series: preceded by Scott Pilgrim, vol. 1; followed by Scott Pilgrim, vol. 3

Plot Summary
This second volume kicks off with a flashback to Scott in Catholic school. As a transfer student, he gets into a fight within 15 minutes of stepping on campus for the first time and gets sent to the principal's office. There, he meets Lisa Miller, who decides to befriend the hot-tempered Scott. Eventually they form a band with Kim, whom Scott dates until his family moves away.

Back in the present, Scott fights "evil ex" number two, world-famous actor/skateboarder Lucas Lee--who explains that there's actually a League of Ramona's Evil Ex-boyfriends who organized themselves with the single purpose of defeating Scott.

Speaking of fights, Scott's old girlfriend Knives Chau challenges Ramona to a fight in Toronto's reference library.

And the big news for this volume is that Scott's last girlfriend, who broke his heart a year ago, has returned to town, and she's brought along someone whom Scott won't be able to avoid--much to his dismay.

My Own 2 Cents
Still hilarious, still filled with a staggering amount of old-school video game references, and still a lot of fun. Despite getting more background on Scott, to help explain why he is the way he is, he hasn't grown into a more sympathetic character yet--and thank goodness for that.