David B.

(1959- )

David B. is the pen name of David Beauchard (originally Pierre-François Beauchard), a French comic book creator who is one of the founding members of L'Association, a French comic book publishing house formed in 1990 with Jean-Christophe Menu, Lewis Trondheim, Matt Konture, Patrice Killoffer, Stanislas, and Mokeït.

Until 1996 (when he began working on the series that became Epileptic), much of David B.'s professional work focused on documenting--and interpreting--his dreams. These stories were collected in the French albums Le cheval blême and Les incidents de la nuit.

Epileptic is David B.'s first major work to be translated into English. The fourth chapter of the original French edition won the "Prize for Scenario" at the Angoulême Festival in 2002, and the English edition won the 2005 Ignatz Award for "Outstanding Artist."

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