Paul Pope

(1970- )

Paul Pope is an American comic book creator who was born in Philadelphia, grew up in Bowling Green, Ohio, and now lives in New York City. Pope began self-publishing his first comic book work, including The Ballad of Dr. Richardson, Sin Titulo, and THB (an ongoing science-fiction series), in the mid-90s. Since then, Pope's original works have been published by Vertigo, Dark Horse, and Pope's own Horse Press. He has also written and illustrated several work-for-hire books for DC Comics and Marvel Comics.

Pope has won three Eisner Awards: one in 2006 for "Best Short Story" ("Teenaged Sidekick" in Solo 3 published by DC Comics) and two in 2007 for "Best Limited Series" and "Best Writer/Artist" (both for Batman: Year 100).

In addition to his work in comics, Pope has also worked with the clothing companies Diesel (creating an in-store installation during their 2006 Fall Fashion Week campaign) and DKNY Jeans (as a clothing designer).

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