Tundra Publishing

Tundra Publishing was founded in 1990 by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator Kevin Eastman with the revenue he had accumulated from TMNT's massive popularity in the late '80s. The idea behind Tundra was to provide a venue for talented comic book creators whose work might not necessarily fit into the comic book mainstream at the time (i.e., superhero comics). At a time when most comics were still printed on newsprint with saddle-stitched binding, Tundra printed its books on high quality, glossy stock paper with square bindings.

Tundra is best-known for publishing Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics, Dave McKean's Cages, and Alan Moore's and Eddie Campbell's From Hell. Despite its many groundbreaking series, Tundra had difficulty turning a profit and subsequently folded in 1993. Nonetheless, its legacy lives on in the many independent publishers for whom it paved the way.

Alan Moore
Steve Parkhouse