Strangers in Paradise, vol. 11: Brave New World

Writer(s): Terry Moore
Artist(s): Terry Moore
Publisher: Abstract Studio
ISBN: 978-1892597168
Price: $8.95
Page count: 88
Year Released: 2002
Status: in print
Original Source: Strangers in Paradise (vol. 3) 44-48
Other Collected Edition(s): Strangers in Paradise Pocket Book, vol. 4
Genres: humor; mystery/crime; romance/relationships
Recommended for Fans Of:
Possible Objectionable Material: none
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Also in This Series: preceded by Strangers in Paradise, vol. 10: Tropic of Desire; followed by Strangers in Paradise, vol. 12: Heart in Hand

Plot Summary
Volume 11 begins with Francine imagining her future taking a different path from the one she imagined at the end of volume 10. Her two choices seem clear: a life with Katchoo and Ashley, or a life with Brad and Ashley. So why is it that neither choice makes her happy? Then Francine comes to the realization that she should be the star of her own life and moves back to Houston, alone. In Hawaii, David realizes that Katchoo will never love him the way she loves Francine, so he leaves her and returns home to Tokyo to live out the rest of his life in peace. But it's not long before Tambi tracks him down, and she doesn't look happy. Meanwhile, FBI Agent Sara Bryan has been called in to investigate the discovery of a badly decomposed body found near the incarcerated mob boss Sal Tucciani's summer home. Turns out it's a Parker girl, and Bryan's not going to rest until she brings the killer to justice.

My Own 2 Cents
Just when you thought the Mrs. Parker storyline was dead, Moore resurrects it . . . again. But it's a part of the Strangers in Paradise mythos by now so why not just go with it? And although at this point one can't help but picture the Francine/Katchoo relationship as resembling a high speed ping-pong match, this volume does provide readers with another heartwarming high point (thanks to Casey of all people).