Strangers in Paradise Pocket Book, vol. 3

Writer(s): Terry Moore
Artist(s): Terry Moore
Publisher: Abstract Studio
ISBN: 978-1892597304
Price: $17.95
Page count: 372
Year Released: 2004
Status: in print
Original Source: Strangers in Paradise (vol. 3) 18-24, 26-32, 34-38
Other Collected Edition(s): Strangers in Paradise, vol. 7: Sanctuary; Strangers in Paradise, vol. 8: My Other Life; Strangers in Paradise, vol. 9: Child of Rage
Genres: humor; mystery/crime; romance/relationships
Recommended for Fans Of:
Possible Objectionable Material: graphic violence
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Also in This Series: preceded by Strangers in Paradise Pocket Book, vol. 2; followed by Strangers in Paradise Pocket Book, vol. 4

Plot Summary
The Strangers in Paradise Pocket Books are more compact (5 1/2" x 8" vs. 6 1/2" x 10") but thicker (~350 pages vs. ~120 pages) collected editions of the Strangers in Paradise series. The "pocket books" contain the exact same stories as the original volumes and are more economical. See the plot summaries of the volumes listed above (under "Other Collected Edition(s)") for the plot summaries that pertain to this volume.